The Sticks

my 8 weight fly rod
A Lefty Kreh rod from the folks over at Temple Fork Outfitters. 9 feet of backbone to go toe to toe with even the biggest king salmon that Lake Michigan has to offer. Yet, sensitive enough to detect even the slightest bite from a steelhead on a cold day. Matched to a Redington Red Fly 2 8 weight arbor style  reel this outfit can take and give some abuse. This is my tributary fly rod. Two pieces.

my 5 weight fly rod

G-Loomis GL3 the 9 foot 5wt model paired with an Echo Ion 4/5 arbor reel. This combo is my warm water river work horse. I enjoy staying cool in the warm summers fishing for smallmouth bass and pike in a number of different rivers with this combo. This setup will also substitute for larger trout on bigger rivers. Two pieces.

my 3 weight fly rod
The Bass Pro Shop's 3 weight fly rod is a shorter rod measuring just 6 foot 3 inches. Matched with the Lamson Konic 1.5 you now have the perfect driftless fly rod. Steam trout and even bluegill are sure to put a bend in this limber stick. The shorter style rod is perfect for some of the tighter casting quarters you will find in some of Wisconsin's trout streams. Three Pieces.