Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bass Fishing Vulcan Lake

I've been waiting for this quarry to open up for years! The neighbor and his boys beat me to it. Nice job guys, I'm jealous! I will be checking out the Three Oaks Recreation Area a little later this summer for sure...

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

dane county rainbow trout

dane county rainbow trout
I drifted nymphs for a good portion of the day using a pink squirrel as an attractor and a brassie as a dropper off the back. The best fight of the day came from a stocky rainbow taken from a current seam of a large pool. Instantly after being hooked the silver rocket rose high in the water and started a series of violent headshakes just under the surface. Digging hard, my rainbow dove down for the depths of the pool taking back all of the line I had just gained. My three weight throbbed as the fish bulldogged me using the current to its advantage. For the first time ever, I put a stream trout on the reel and palmed it for some extra drag. With the extra pressure, I just nearly avoided being broken off in some downed timber. I really put some tension on the fish and was able to break her plane. She rose to the surface, tired, and I took the opportunity to take the line back as quick as possible. The fish was guided on to the bank where she promptly spit the barbless hook and made a half hearted attempt to flop back into the water. I dove for the fish like a linebacker after a fumbled pig-skin and brought the fish to hand!

I took a half dozen more browns on some elk hair caddis and had a blast catching suckers one after another from a single pool. Great fun on my three weight, and all fish were turned back!

suckers, a lot of fun on the fly
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

reader submitted photos

Bryce submitted these photos over on our Facebook Fan Page. The trout was caught just a few miles from his home in western Wisconsin by his father and the big bass shot is from up in northern Wisconsin. Great fishing Bryce, thanks for sharing.

western wisconsin stream trout

family bass fishing

a trophy northern wisconsin bass
Please feel free to send photos, stories, and questions to- illinoiswisconsinfishing@gmail.com 

or post them to our Facebook Fan Page...
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Friday, May 20, 2011

don't feel much like driving?

shawn with a lake county illinois carp
Carp are a sure fire way to beat the summer fishing blues close to home. No matter where you live in Illinois an Wisconsin, there is sure to be good carp water close by. With some fish in my area pushing close to 20 pounds, they are sure to be some of the larger fish you will find locally outside of Lake Michigan. They can be as hard or easy to catch as you want them to be, and I'm already scouting some spots that will be good for some mid summer carp on the fly. These "rough" fish are everything that I would want in a sport fish. The tug is my drug and these guys sure pull hard. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the corn and lets roll...

On the subject of carp here's a great blog that I have been researching for my summer's fly fishing for carp trial run.

Click Here To Link To - Carp On The Fly

Carp On The Fly
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

bass fishing browns lake wisconsin

Tri County Anglers Tournament Results- May 8th, 2011 on Browns Lake Wisconsin

The winners of the Browns Lake Tournament-The Cantu father and son team take first place. Congratulations Edgar and Tyler!
The Cantu Team take first on Browns Lake
The second place winners, Ron Taylor and Dan Resko with 10.35 pounds

Ron Taylor ans Dan Resko claim second on Browns Lake
3rd place goes to Larry Whitt and Everett Benn with 10.13 pounds and the big bass

Larry Whitt and Everett Ben with their 3rd place haul
Great fishing can be found close to home and remember you can find the Tri County Anglers by clicking this link.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

my son's first brown trout

It was an early two-thirty in the morning when my wife woke me up, thank god she was still awake from the night before because my alarms had already been going off for thirty minutes. It was an exciting day to be taking my son fishing. At the young age of five, Lucas is an accomplished angler. He has taken a fifteen pound carp on 4 pound test, a near five pound bass from a pond, and countless panfish through ice and not. All of that is great but he still had never caught a western Wisconsin, spring creek, brown trout before. Despite my headache from only 3 hours of sleep, I grabbed my still sleeping little boy and strapped him into his car seat. Thankfully the car was packed the night before and there wasn’t a need for too much thought about what I may be forgetting. I just cracked open a red bull and pulled out of my neighborhood...

Even though the weather channel predicted rain for the entire day, the radar map showed only spotty storms moving through the area I was wanting to fish. Even though there were some serious storms rolling through, I felt like I was going far enough west to miss the majority of them. Just after sunrise we arrived at our destination creek along with the onset of some heavy rain. I opened the weather channel radar app on my cell phone (a necessary tool for the mobile angler) and saw that we were in the heart of the last major storm cell in a fifty mile radius. I got out of the car just to check the water clarity in the pool right under the bridge. Turned out, the creek was crystal clear looking almost totally unaffected. Instead of suiting up just then in the rain, we drove 8 miles back to town for gas and a quick bathroom break. I figured the extra twenty minutes would allow for most of the rain to pass over us. Turns out, it was a good decision and we made it back to the bridge just after the rain came to an end.

on the creek with Lucas
Lucas was thrilled to have waders on for the very first time and excited about the concept of actually being able to walk into the water. We fished our way up the creek practicing his fly casting along the way. Having never touched a fly rod before this week, I was proud to see him make his first cast (with some extra help). This went great until we accidentally snagged that damn tree over the top of the first pool on a “team“ cast. No choice on this one, if I wanted the rig back I was wading to the middle of the pool to be able to reach the branch. Into the water I went, spooking every fish in there with atomic bomb sized mushroom clouds from all the sand and sediment I kicked up. After all that commotion it was time to let that pool settle and maybe hit it on the way back down.

Under the second bridge (more like a driveway), we did manage to hook a nice brown trout. It was that trout’s lucky day because he managed to come unglued while Lucas was trying to figure out exactly what to do next. “You pull the line in with your hand?” he asked. After the loss of our first trout on the fly, I took over fishing with the intent of handing him back a fly rod with a fish already on it. A few minuets later he was cold and bored so I suggested “Let’s just move on cause its hard to get your cast under this bridge” .

Lucas's first brown trout!
We came to the next minor pool and instead of reaching for the fly rod, I grabbed the four foot telescopic spinning rod paired with a bass pro tiny-light reel. Already attached was a panther-martin #6 spinner yellow with the silver blade that was a solid recommendation made by Damien. On the first cast through that pool we actually rolled a fish that came in hard but missed on the hook up. It took only two more casts and we had my boy’s first brown trout in hand!

another vernon county brown trout
For the rest of the day, we mostly spin fished. I think we caught just over twenty fish and only 3 by way of the fly rod. Just before lunch we decided to call it a day. By that point my son had slipped numerous times trying to learn how to walk through the stream, avoid sharp rocks, and climb over/under the endless amounts of streamside debris. A few of those falls left his jacket and sweatshirt totally drenched and one hand pretty banged up from stopping his fall on a rock (ouch). On the way out, I carried him over my one shoulder with all the gear in my other hand. It’s funny I thought, we may have escaped the rain but Luke still found a way to get completely soaked, dirty, and bruised. Kids are great and this day was filled with many memories I’m sure we will never forget. I’m happy to say, we rolled the dice with the weather and came out on top (this time).

sweet fish son!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

round lake illinois bass fishing

This summer I have made it a goal to cover as much local tournament fishing as possible. Even though this post is a little dated its still a strong reflection of the quality of fish found in some of our nearby waterways. TriCounty Anglers is a team bass fishing club casting in Lake County, IL and Kenosha and Walworth Counties in Wisconsin. The club just recently held their first tournament of the year on clear waters of Round Lake.
Kyle and Kevin Take 1st place on Round Lake!
The winners of the FIRST 2011 Tournament April 23, 2011 on Round Lake are new Members Kyle and Kevin weighing in 3 nice Bass weighing 9.77 pounds. They also came in with the biggest bass 4.70# Congratulations!
Andy Fossum and Jason Lasko take 2nd on Round Lake with 3 bass, 8.02#        

3rd Place winners, Dan Resko and Ron Taylor should be smiling! 2 nice large mouths weighing 5.93#
Those are some quality large mouth coming out of Round Lake boys! Congrats to the winners. For a good bass fishing club in Northern Illinois, be sure to give them a look.

Tri County Anglers Web Page-

Tri County Anglers on Facebook-

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wisconsin’s Official Trout Opener

richland county trout stream
A double dose of mothers day has left me sidelined for the first time in awhile. Saturday was spent with my family and Sunday was for my wife’s side. Sure, the food and company is always great but the Wisconsin trout opener was running through the back of my mind the whole weekend. Thank God for the plethora of fishing friends I have, always willing to interrupt the monotony of the day to day happenings with a few shots of fish porn.

richland county trout
Damien spent opening day cruising the down river sections on a couple well know Richland County streams. Damien has been know to give the fly rod up for the ultra light spinning rod and head to the slower and deeper down river sections of a river. He’s on the look out for a trophy sized brown and I’m convinced if he keeps at it, he will be a success.

With plenty of pre-season trips already under his belt, Damien’s official opening day strategy paid off big. Not only did he catch quite a few trout down low on the river, but he also came up with his best brown of the season. Damien, thanks for helping me to nurse my non-fishing blues!

wisconsin brown trout

Damien's big richland county brown trout

For a few more opening day trout stories be sure to give these guys a look-

Dahlquist Fishing Blog

Eauclaire Bobby

The Stream Of Time

Seeking Trout

The Catching Chronicals

The Frugal Fisherman

Keep me on the radar screen, I should be heading out west for some trout next weekend...
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

fly fishing film tour 2011

Wilmette Theater
The Fly Fishing Film Tour made its way through the Chicago-land area for the first time ever on Tuesday night. The Wilmette Theater was at a near capacity crowd and I was fortunate enough to be part of this inaugural event. For those who are unfamiliar with the tour, it is basically a compilation of many short fishing films combined into a two full hours. This year’s tour represents many fine film makers and follows the stories of many great anglers. Given the variety of films, there is something here for anglers from all walks of life. Musky, trout, shark, billfish, redfish, permit, bass, and more all have their moment in the spotlight.

The best of the best for me was “The Waters Of Greenstone “ a short film following two US anglers on the trip of a life time to New Zealand. It is a comical story of the trials and tribulations they ran into while chasing trout in a different country. Here’s the trailer-

The Waters of Greenstone-Official Trailer from Taylor Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

iowa county trout

Neal's welcome back trout
Back at it again with Neal. Its been some time since we have made it out together and I care not too look back to see just how long it has been. SCARY!!! Neal though, has been busy raising a new baby boy, Jacob Wyatt, so who can blame him for not pursuing things more trout like? Either way, I was just happy to be hitting the water again with my best bud.

a stone and a few scuds we turned up from a rock
We ventured west into Iowa county visiting five trout streams for the very first time. Some of the smaller streams we fished for just a very short period of time. Consistent wind gusts close to thirty mph made it hard keeping casts inside the stream. Over hanging grass and twigs were constant snags with the wind and such tight quarters. Storms moving in just to the west brought with aggressive wind but thankfully, the rain never did manage to catch up to us.

wooly bugger trout
We did find one real nice spot that I wouldn’t mind returning to. It was a nice deep bridge pool with some nice fast runs come out from the bottom and a couple riffles on the top. It sits just below the confluence of two streams and it’s where we got all of our bites. Black buggers got the most bites and I also hooked and lost one on an olive scud to the undercut bank. It was nice to have Neal back in the rotation and hope he’s down for another trout trip in a couple weeks.

iowa county trout

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