Saturday, September 29, 2012

smoke on the water

In the fall, night likes to hang on just a little bit longer and just a little bit colder then the previous night. The cold air combined with the warm water is a sure combination for fog and even some of your most traveled beats can become transformed into someplace new.

a foggy fall morning on the fox river (wisconsin)
Now, I wouldn't actually attest that fog can help fishing. To tell the truth, I don't have any memorable fish stories that I can recall while fishing in the clouds. But, it sure does give some other purpose to fishing other than just catching the fish; to be there when the familiar becomes foreign again.

a fox river smallmouth bass, wisconsin style
 It also doesn't hurt the morning either when the fish bite after the fog burns off!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

beach fly

Thread- hot orange
Tail- orange hackle fibers
Body- orange floss
Hackle- brown or natural red
Wing- white bucktail

A Les Johnson fly used both in saltwater inshore as well as for Pacific salmon. I have plans for throwing this fly at some of the Great Lakes king salmon.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MN Giant Harvested Opening Weekend Of Archery Season

  The itch and jealousy is defiantly in the air for IL. archers. This past weekend there where a few archery seasons that opened in the surrounding states. Minnesota was one of those states that opened on September 15th. After a long anticipated opening day arrived, MN archer Jeff Iverson was in the right spot at the right time to harvest this monster buck with his bow.
Photo Taken By: Shane Indrebo

   The buck scored 234 5/8" Gross,  227 1/8" Net, and 196" Typical score as a 8 x 7.  This could possibly be the number 2 biggest buck ever harvested in the state of Minnesota. This is certainly a deer of a lifetime, and a big congrats to Jeff Iverson on his 2012 Buck harvest. Opening day in IL. is Monday Oct.1st. I cant wait! Good Luck to all you hunters out there!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

smallmouth retrospective

down the road i go
Shorter days certainly signify a change in season but it's also a harsh reminder of the empty fly boxes that need filling before fall. Gear needs to be grouped and cycled and standards must be maintaned.

My reflections on my passing smallmouth season this year have been mixed. On the positive, my first year fishing river smallies by fly has been a blast. Spring in the Rhinelander area was super productive and the upper Wisconsin River is certainly world class. Many new miles of river have been scoured and plenty of picture worthy fish have been landed. My confidence in my streamers and ability to land bass on the fly is higher then its ever been. The Fox river in both Illinois and Wisconsin really shined when other rivers barely had a flow. The Fox River also produced some big healthy river smallies.

river smallies
On another hand, I have lacked the ability to see a few of the bigger bites through to the end. Loosing the three best bites in the late summer sucks. For me, the memories of the spit flies, broken leaders, and slipped knots seem to stand out more then the countless fish that have come to hand. The upper reaches of the Milwaukee produced higher numbers of fish but the average sized seemed to suffer. Scenic as all get out, don't get me wrong, but smaller fish indeed.

As the 5wt relinquishes the passenger seat in my car to the beefier 8, I already make mental plans for 2013. New waters, different flies, and a steady diet of palomar knots all season long seem appropriate. For some reason the clinch knot doesn't seem as sturdy with flouro as with some other lines. I want to spend more time on the Kishwaukee and the Fox in hopes to understand them better. Here come the salmon, hold on tight.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Up until yesterday the salmon shore fishing reports have been a tad spotty at best. It does seem like yesterday morning though, quite a few anglers got into some fish and some of the reports are starting to hit the forums. By no means am I a harbor master like a few others I know. In fact, last year was the first time that I landed salmon in the harbors. If you have ever read this blog in the fall you know my comfort zone hasn't expanded much outside of the rivers but this year I have some serious plans to tackle a few fish from the rocks.

I've spent some money on some new cranks and spoons and my equipment is in tip-top shape. Now, its all about investing the time chucking hardware. I hope to have something to report after this weekend...
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Monday, September 3, 2012


The whistler has been a very effective streamer for fooling plenty of smallmouth bass but has been an especially effective fly for catching northern pike.

Thread- Red
Tail- Silver Flash and grizzle hackle
Wing- White Bucktail
Collar- Red Saddle Hackle
Eyes- Beadchain
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