The Forums

This is a comprehensive list of most local Illinois and Wisconsin fishing forums. These sites are great places to exchange information and meet people with a shared passion. I frequent all of these forums regularly and find them to be a great place for current fishing information. Go ahead and sign up as a member or simply browse as a visitor, there is something here for every fisherman.

My Recommended Fishing Forums

Windy City Fishing- A thriving Chicago based forum with tons of active members posting on many different local hot spots. A very low key board with very little drama. It is a strong representation of the types of fishing that local Chicago has to offer.

 Driftless Trout Anglers- A new and growing forum dedicated to the pursuit of trout in the driftless area. Here you will find information on both fly and spin fishing tactics. DTA's members are composed of a stand-up group of guys and are very helpful to beginners and the advanced.

Other Local Fishing Forums

  • Angling 101- From basic to comprehensive fishing and hunting reports and information for Chicago and Illinois area sportsmen. A friendly board with a lot of specific categories to match your interests. This site has some cool plug-ins like underwater camera feeds and interactive weather on the forum home page.

  • Chicagoland Fishing- Anglers with ethics. Comprehensive fishing reports, information, and forums for the Chicagoland angler. One of the larger more active forums that is specifically focused on fishing locally around Chicago.

  • Chitown-Angler- Fishing and hunting Chicago, the Magnificent Mile and beyond. Another local general fishing forum with a solid foundation in Lake Michigan offshore reports.

  • Dupage Angler- A premier fishing website dedicated to bringing useful tools and information about likely and unlikely fishing locations in the Chicagoland area. A new upgraded interface makes for a unique forum feel. A strong bass fishing forum for Dupage county and beyond.

  • Fox Lake Fishing Forum- Fishing info for Chain O Lakes and the Fox Chain in Northern Illinois. Including reports, tournament info and more.

  • Ice Shanty- An ice fishing specific fishing forum that covers but not limited to both Illinois and Wisconsin. A great place for the hard water angler to pick up some cutting edge tactics and current trends from all across the North American ice belt. 

  • I Do Fishing- One of the Midwest's largest fishing forums. Though its not a specific Wisconsin and Illinois forum, there is a large and thriving member base from both states. 

  • Illinois Smallmouth Alliance- Exactly how it sounds. A fishing forum gear towards the pursuit of smallmouth bass in Illinois and surrounding states. They have a strong investment in conservation and preserving the future of the sport. Fly and spin tactics welcome. 

  • Lake-Link- The Midwest's largest fishing forum. Extensive coverage in both Illinois and Wisconsin. If you are searching for specific information on any body of water, this is the place to start. It's almost so big that you can get lost in the conversation here but could be the most valuable tool for finding online fishing information on specific bodies of water. 

  • Wisconsin Fly Fishing- A fly fishing board geared towards fly fishing in Wisconsin. This isn't the place to go if you are looking for good places to try because stream names are forbidden. This board left a serious bad taste in my mouth when members were allowed to taunt and belittle newer members. They have blocked the incoming link so here's the web address.