Tuesday, May 13, 2014

what is in the bait bucket

So our first run at minnow trapping wasn't the huge success I was hoping for. Me and the kiddos went to a local still water spot and tried soaking the trap for a few hours in one of the channels of the lake. We baited the inside with dog food from the house and made my safety line out of dacron fly line backing. Then we tossed the trap out and let it sit. My first observation is that all the dog food floated and continued to float even after a couple hours. I don't think that that factor helps.

In the time that our trap soaked I sent the little ones scavenging for worms. They came up with nearly 2 dozen crawlers and we sent those into the drink under a slip bobber. We caught a few fish from their self harvested worms and continued to check the trap that remained empty. We moved the trap a few more times and caught a few more fish on the worms, but the trap still struck out.

Oddly enough we caught more shiners on worms then in our trap...

I'm going to ID this as an Illinois golden shiner
I'm preparing for a weekend in the driftless and that means 48 hours of straight trout fishing madness. Can't wait!


  1. Blake
    I'm for anything that gets the kids interested in fishing----looking forward to the trout outing. Thanks for sharing

  2. That sounds like some fine fishing. We had a pond behind our house at one point and we would use dog food to catch minnows in the trap but it would take a couple day soak. For quick results I found that bread worked good. I would put a slice in the trap and shred a couple more pieces to throw around the trap. They would eat the bread around the trap then go after the bread in the trap and WHAMO! We'd have some minnows. I also tied a small white fly out of chenille to mimic bread and would cast that out with the fly rod to catch the larger minnows. I got one that's tail stuck out of a 5 gallon bucket.

    I agree with Bill above. Anything to get the kids interested in fishing.

  3. nice shiner. I remember catching my first golden shiner. I was impressed to catch a golden fish.

  4. I am headed to the Driftless next week as well, I will be there thursday and friday!

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  6. hello how much is the license and how many fish allowed per day?? thank you!

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  8. You can catch a great fish with that bait. Thanks for sharing.
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  9. Miss your posts brother. Hope all is well.

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