The Story

Established in February of 2010, this blog covers northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and beyond. This is a site made by a working class fisherman and the opinions expressed here should not be taken as those of a professional. My name is Blake and I do not draw a paycheck from fishing, instead I work Monday through Friday to earn a living. I'm married with three kids but no matter what my obligations are in life my free time will always be spent waste deep in water chasing fish.

I've been fishing for as long as my memory goes back and certainly some of my most favorite memories have involved the rod and reel. Even still, some of the best times had on the water were more about the people and the experience rather then the fish that were caught. That is the sentiment I want to pass down to my children  just as it was to me. Though my preferred style of fishing has changed, you most likely will find me with a fly rod in my hands these days, it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy all types of fishing. Finesse plastics for bass, soaking live bait, casting spoons, ice fishing, nothing is off limits for me.

This blog will have a serious focus on chasing a variety of fish on the fly rod and the backdrop will most likely be in a river. Throughout the winter you will find us cooling our heels on the hardwater. If you follow along you will see that the fishing season here never really ends, it just kind of rotates though a number of hot bites, some that I prefer to follow more closely then others. I hope those that take the time to read through my post see just that. I also hope those that are planning a trip into our area see the wealth of opportunities that are here and won't forget to pack the fly rod. There are plenty of resources found in the pages here and you just need to do a little looking. Stream flows, weather, water temp, and tactics galore.

But above everything;

This is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of all species of fish found in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Thanks for reading,