Sunday, April 4, 2010

fly fishing steelhead (lake michigan tributaries, wi)

This was the last trip we made for this years spring steelhead run. Neal and I spent the day with Neal’s uncle Vic. The weather was really starting to warm up and it seemed like a lot of the fish had pulled back out to the main lake. We covered a long stretch of water and our previous trips producing pools were now devoid of all signs of life.

the last spring steelhead
Neal and Vic managed to spot a single pod of fish. They worked them hard as I moved upstream. After an hour upstream I decided it was time to meet back up with the guys. Upon arriving I was greeted by Neal with a photo of our last steelhead of 2010’s spring run. I’m not sure how much longer the fish will be up in the tributaries, but from what I’m seeing it might be time to switch gears. It was a great run but seemed to go by very quick. We caught some awesome fish and learned some valuable lessons this year. How long till the salmon run…?

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