Monday, May 31, 2010

fly fishing trout (dane county, wi)

a crystal clear dane county stream
Summer is in full swing here. The weeds are tall and the bugs are thick. The creek was flowing a steady pace and the water temps have risen some but the trout are still active. I’ve put my time into getting to know the lay of the land here but am starting to realize that summer isn’t always a fly-fisherman’s friend. The recent rain and constant sun have turned the landscape into a jungle of weeds filled with bugs and all sorts of other nasties. Lets just say that navigating my way to some of my new found spots was going to be downright impossible.

I was forced to fish closer to the easements where there was easier access and more trampled paths through the grass. I believe that the fish closest to the easements have seen a lot more flies, lures, and hooks. These are smarter class of fish (or they have been hooked before). They are quicker to turn there noses up at an inadequately presented flies and are wary of shadows. They also don’t take kindly to loud noises or people splashing through their pools. Despite all that, I was still able to catch some fish but its not the same finding those “uneducated” ones.

a small brown trout
another small brown trout
Caught a handful of browns and one rainbow again. One rainbow seems to be a consistant number for me lately. Fish were caught from the inside turns and the slack sections of the pools. Also sighted a trophy size brown (estimated 20 inches) rolling in a deep pool but wasn’t able to hook up.

wow! a rainbow trout

a colorful brown trout


  1. I too find that to be the case with water closer to where the public has access to. I'm sure there are larger fish there, and they have seen a lot of presentations. Like my Dad use to say, "A trout doesn't get big by being dumb."

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Yeah, with all the weed growth summer is hard on trout fishing. Why cant I find the streams flowing through the pastures?