Sunday, August 15, 2010

bass fishing (kenosha county, wi)

The mosquitoes have been ferocious the last couple years but this year in particular. The hassle of loading and unloading my canoe is almost unbearable if its anywhere close to dawn or dusk. My legs sustained multiple bites this weekend and have yet to loose the chronic itchy feeling even now as I’m writing this post. The summer is starting to wind down. The days are starting to shrink and the kids are getting prepared for the new school year starting here this week. This leads me to my point that salmon season is right around the corner. Time to pull out the vice and stock my fly box before the air begins to cool and the trees turn their fall colors.
neal's first bass

my first bass
This weekend was still hot and the air was still muggy. Neal and I were out for some mid summer bass on a private lake I had never fished before. We were throwing drop-shots with finesse plastics and live bait on slip bobber rigs. The action was consistently slow and managed to land 6 fish over 6 hours. Nothing here to brag about and most of the fish were small. It was still nice to be out on the water and better yet it was under a 20 minute ride from the house.

neal's best bass today

my best bass today

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