Saturday, September 4, 2010

salmon fishing (racine harbor, wi)

With a couple hours to spare this morning, I made my way down to Racine harbor. Any one who knows me knows I hate harbor fishing unless maybe in the winter. It’s just so hard to fight off the urge to sink a hook into a fresh chromer. I fished the outer wall right in front of the harbor club. There were maybe 8-10 others out there casting when I finally arrived just after the sun rose, and the charter boats were in fishing close. Looks like the cooler weather we've been having this last week is pushing some fish into staging position.

sunrise at racine harbor
The first thing I hate about harbor fishing is navigating the giant boulders (some the size of a small car). Some of the cracks in between these rocks are 8 foot drops into a nasty looking holes. Throw in some strong wind, spray from the waves, and darkness and I’m freakin out!!!

The second thing I hate about harbor fishing is throwing a half ounce spoon 500 times. Not only is it tiring but it’s a little boring, if you ask me. Some may not agree but where’s the finesse in that?

rocks in front of racine harbor
Either way, there I was tossing my half ounce blue and silver k-o wobbler blindly, over and over. It took thirty minutes before something smashed my spoon. The hit came seconds after the lure hit the water only able to take a few cranks on the reel. I fought that fish from way out all the way back to the rocks where I was standing. Then the fish , which was only 15 yards out, makes a sudden turn followed by a deep throbbing head shake and the hook shook free. Rats… Why am I not sealing the deal?

The fish was chrome and it was big. It never jumped and the headshakes were big. I think it was a fresh king salmon but who knows? Every one I met had caught no fish either. The guy fishing the closest to me was the only one that told me they hooked one also. He lost his much quicker though. On the walk back to the car I did find some fresh blood on the rocks, somebody was catching them… The kings are moving in close right now and with some lucky weather we will be stalking the tribs again soon. Monday I’m fishing a carry-in access only lake, and next weekend I’m going drift less, hope the salmon are running by then.


  1. I agree with casting over and over. I'll spend my time chasing trout until the big fish are up in tribs. Still, not a bad way to spend the day.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. I agree, never been a fan of fishing the harbors. Somehow I keep finding myself there though. I can't explain it?