Tuesday, November 16, 2010

saturday fly fishing coho (milwaukee county, wi)

Saturday I went out again with Damien. We hit the tribs for some late fall cohos. This has been a dry fall and some adjustments had to be made when it came to fishing. Here is a few tips I put together for my experiences this year adapting to no rain and low flows.
  • Sometimes even when you think the conditions aren’t good, you just need to get out there and fish (often times you will be rewarded).
  • When water conditions change then change your tactics.
  • When water conditions are extremely low give some attention to the lower areas of the river and around the mouth, its normally deeper here.
  • When water clarity is clear then naturals aren’t a bad choice for color selection, but never rule colorful out.
  • When there is no flow then you must give your fly its action.
  • Low flow is the best time to check a river out, remember good looking spots for times when flows are higher.
  • Any influx of water no matter how small will greatly improve the fishing, timing is everything.
  • Fish are especially wary under these conditions, approach with caution.

As for comments, could anyone add some tips to fly-fishing low flows?


blake starts the morning with a coho

modified bead head purple and pink alaska-boo

coho salmon time for damien

coho salmon wearing spawing colors

smaller coho with great coloring

nice salmon!

wisconsin tributaries scenery


    1. Quick question ... I fish the tribs and harbors with spinning gear but would love to go at them with a fly rod. Any rod recommendations that won't cost me an arm and a leg? Length? Weight? Line type?

    2. Bass pro has some good cheap house brands. 8wt 9 foot rod with weight forward floating line is perfect.

    3. Just be sure not to get the reel sandy or wet. The drag will go free willy on you.

    4. As you've seen Damien, I dont mind a sandy or a wet reel!

    5. Awesome Fish! It takes a talented angler to catch those bad boys on a fly rod. Nice Work!

    6. Those photos make it look as though you could be fishing in some of our smaller tributaries right here in Western New York. Although we do not get as many coho salmon as you do, I have caught a few over the years....I love their spawning colors!!!

    7. Nice fish, looks like they are running. I spoke with some friends and fishing was off on the NY side, until the rain last week.

    8. awesome fish....I cant wait to try Ice fishing this year....are we still on for that...

    9. Great looling fish there..lots of water flowing here in Maine and more on the way..