Saturday, February 26, 2011

ice fishing lake geneva part 2

As my friends in the fishing world grow so do the number of reports that get sent to me via email and text. I've been fishing with Randal (a long time friend of Neal) for 3 years and would put him toe to toe with the best of them. He always seems to be the first who is calling the jig color that puts the rest of us on the bite.

On his last trip to Lake Geneva he came back with some real toads and these crappie might actually top the previous. Great job to you and your father-in-law!

lake geneva slob crappies

10 inch red ear

2 big crappies dwarf the rest


  1. Hey Blake. Lake Geneva is one of the lakes my dad and I fished when I was a kid. Always in the summer, though. I remember the crappies being that big.


  2. I want to head over to Randal's for the fish fry. Toads, indeed. -stephanie

  3. Sure look to be some "pig" Crappie in that lake. Happy hook ups!

  4. I think I'm gonna have to devote some more time out there next ice season...