Thursday, February 24, 2011

another local blogger steps up to the plate

Nick from Brookfield Angler is another local blogger from the greater Chicago-land area that is just starting to establish a name for himself. I just recently came across this site from a local fishing forum and spent some time giving his site a read. Even though the site is in its early stages, I found the content and writing thoughtfull and to the point.
Being a new blog, they have just a few followers at this point. I've already followed and would be greatful if people in the blogger world would stop on by and show him some support. Click this link to be taken to Brookfield Angler.


  1. He definately has a blog worth following so thats what I did!

  2. Thanks Blake!

    I appreciate the plug!!



  3. In a short period of time I've come to respect your "blogger insight". Once again, thanks for the heads up Blake, Brookfieldangler deserves closer scrutiny.

  4. Thanks for taking a minute and checking Nick's blog out.

    Nick- no problem, I'll be keeping up with ya