Wednesday, March 30, 2011

weekend steelhead forecast

Flows are falling in a major way on every river in southeast Wisconsin. Many of the smaller rivers that have been producing in a big way over the last few weeks are just starting to experience low flows. Light rain is in the forecast for Friday with heavier rain coming through on Sunday. I’m not a meteorologist but am excited to see what impact the rain will have on our rivers.

BOB with a lake michigan tributary steelhead
Pike River- Still flowing and fishable but without rain the flows will slowly start to taper off. If you are looking to fish here, try to get out in the next couple days.

Root River- This weekend could be tremendous for fly fishing on the Root River. Flows have come down close to 1500 CFS in the last week and spawn and plug fisherman have recently been scoring some nice fish. The Root is my prediction for this weekend’s hot bite. I’m convinced that the river is full of fish but expect heavy pressure.

Oak Creek- Flows are almost nonexistent, and all fish will be in the deeper pools. Drifting will be out of the question but do try twitching streamers in the deeper sections.

Milwaukee River- The Milwaukee River is still high, but as time goes by the flows will continue to drop. Without any major rain, look for the Milwaukee River to be hot in the next week or so.

Damien scores this steelhead mid-week on a small tributary

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