Wednesday, April 6, 2011

root river spring steelhead

I fished the Root River on Saturday with Neal, Ryan, and Shawn. The upriver bends and pools throughout Colonial and Quarry parks were subject to tremendous angling pressure. There was a waiting line to just have the opportunity to fish some of the better water, and as one angler left the rest would inch in closer. We all shared a disappointing morning with just a few hook ups and zero fish for our group.

Shawn was able to make a second trip on Sunday and found the river almost vacant. He was able to get some retribution for the group landing 4 fish in just a few short hours. I wasn’t even out of bed when the pictures came across my phone. The early fish came on egg patterns and the fish later in the morning were hitting a small pink fly. Nice job bro!

root river spring steelhead (nice colors)

another nice root river steelhead


  1. Great pictures. Sometimes the root feels like it's all to yourself, and sometimes your sharing it with the world.

  2. I fished the Root 3 times this spring ... landed 7 Steelies and 2 browns ... and only saw a sprinkling of other fisherman, including on a Saturday. Yesterday I never saw another guy! You've just got to go "where they ain't"!

  3. Those down river haunts are a whole lot more "remote"...