Sunday, September 18, 2011

racine wisconsin, catching harbor salmon

todd's salmon from our trip to racine harbor
To put it lightly, harbor fishing hasn’t been very good to me. The concept of catching salmon inside the harbors for someone who has never done it can seem quite overwhelming. Maybe the task isn’t quite as large as I make it out to be in my head, sometimes, but you certainly have to put in your time.

I’ve been out this year with some of the true greats in the sport. Mplant, Todd and Damien have all given me great info on location, tactics, and theory but even still I’m 0-2 on hookups. I’ve devoted 4 trips to the harbors so far and have well exceeded 30 hours of casting and floating skein for two meager hits. I have the feeling my time is coming soon and I don’t give up very easy so stay tuned for a more detailed report. Until then, been sure to check out Todd’s blog and Mplant on the message boards for some up to date harbor info.

Click here- for the link to the trip I took with Todd

Click here- for a great forum thread written by the President of the Trout Mafia


  1. Blake
    That fish is insane, I can only wonder what landing something like that would be. Thanks for sharing

  2. I'll be heading over again on Saturday afternoon (about 3:30) for a few hours, blake. Let me know if you're free and would like to join me.

  3. Holy S@#$t that is one huge fish. I am sure you will be hooking up with one soon. I can feel it :) Good luck man and Tight Lines.

  4. Bill and TM- Thanks

    Todd- I might be out earlier on saturday, Ill shoot you a text.