Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The New Honey Hole Continues To Produce!!

  I was able to get out again over the weekend, and my new honey hole is still producing. We managed to pull quite a few up through the hole of shaved ice. This time around though we caught more bluegill and less crappie and perch. To my surprise though the quality of gills just keeps getting better. As I was on the ice and the fishing was slow, I decided to drill more holes in the surrounding area. I came up empty handed on the 28 holes I drilled. This leads me to believe that my assumptions are correct. I had assumed that my new honey hole was a point with some structure(a ledge) where the fish continue to hang out. I can only hope that the ice continues to hang around along with the fish. Tight Lines!
A Nice Slab!

Location:Candlewick Lake(Poplar Grove,IL)
Depth: 15 FOW
Species Caught: Bluegill,Crappie, Perch
Colors Fished: Gold,Pink, and Orange/Black
Bait: Wax Worms & Red Spikes


  1. Brian
    I know that size gill is super fun on your light tackle. By the way what length rod are you using? Great Post!

  2. Bill, it is a 24" ultra light rod. It's a gas when you hook into some of the fish that I have been catching, especially when you have to reel em up from 15' off the bottom. Thanks for the kind comments guys!

  3. Great looking gill Brian. What sized jig are you using?

  4. Nothing better than finding that "Honey Hole"...glad it is still working its magic. Great looking gill!

  5. John, I have been using a 1/16oz. gold tear drop jig. That little thing has been awesome so far through the ice.

    1. do you use any tungsten through the ice?

    2. I have this year. A guy I was chatting with in early spring this past year suggested I use a pink squirrel with a tungsten bead through the ice for some panfish action. That fly tipped with a waxie has been great this year along with a solid gold tear drop.

  6. A little late getting over here, Brian, been fighting the flu. Very nice Bluegill. Ultralight gear and Bluegill are an awesome combination!

  7. those are some dog gills you have been hitting out there!