Friday, April 20, 2012

Jig And A Pig

   After my last post and little success while out searching for some Largemouth, I figured it was time to change tactics and follow some friendly advise. I switched to throwing a pumpkinseed jig with a rattle and attached on a Uncle Josh's Pork Trailer. It paid off! Fish on all night long.
I was using something similar to the blue trailer except it had green glitter flakes in it.

  I proceeded  to a rocky drop off  and was pitching the jigs to the shoreline and working them down the rocky slope. I fished for about 2 1/2 hours and caught over a dozen Bass. All in all it was a great trip out, and it got me to fish a different presentation that I haven't used in a couple years. I think with the cooler temps, the Bass have been hunkered down on the bottom. As soon as the jig crossed there path, or they picked up the aroma of the pork trailer, it was dinner time.
My good friend Tim caught this guy on a quad tail twister
Geese where on nest all along the rocky shoreline
This guy was looking for dinner too!
A beautiful sunset to conclude a great evening on the water


  1. who can resist some pork? well done sir!

    1. Thanks Sanders! Got out again and caught a couple pigs over the weekend. Check out the latest post. Thanks for the comment

  2. I gave those some serious attention back when I mostly fished for largemouth bass. Seems like a few less bites but better qualitly. Seems like a good choice around those rocks. Lots of crayfish there?