Sunday, August 21, 2011

crossing paths - milwaukee river musky

a milwaukee river musky
Sometimes on the water we run across some strangers that are very good fisherman. While its nice to observe their style, its always cooler to lend a helping hand when needed…

Coming around the bend I could hear the commotion. The stranger one pool up was laying back on a very big fish. One of those fish that make a crash rather then just a splash when it jumps. He gave me a quick nod and then called down to me “musky“! To me, that was his invitation to come check out his fish.

I had run into a guy fishing swim baits just about one month ago. He told me he had released a forty inch musky in this very same pool just last year.

The stranger (who I found out later) was named Randall. He’s an angler from the local area and seemed to have fished these waters quite a bit. Randall played the fish like a champ and by the time I made my way upstream to him to fish was ready to be landed. Two fisherman with a total of zero nets between the both of us, this is my reason for always carrying boga grips in my backpack. I reached down and latched onto the fish and pulled it out of the water for my new friend. The fish looked big in the water, but out of water he was a true musky monster. He measured out at forty one inches and was just shy of 16 pounds. I took a few photos since Randall had no camera and was sure to get his email so I could forward the photos. Great fish man! Great fish!

The fish hit a number three mepps spinner and was taken on what appeared to be twelve pound test. No leader was used and Randall put the hooks right in the corner of its mouth. Without that hookset it could have turned out way worse.



  1. Amazing! I didn't know the Milwaukee had a musky population? This isn't in the city is it?

  2. Very cool! Why target pike when you've got those nearby?

  3. thanks guys

    Nick- there are some big pike and musky in the milwaukee river, i was pretty far upstream from the actual city of milwaukee though

  4. great to see musky thriving in the milwaukee. That river has come a long way from stream of filth it was several decades ago.

  5. fish7hunt- thats what i hear. still not recomended to eat fish out of there, too much industry i guess. upstream from the city it looks like a different river. the des plaines river in illinois is starting to see some improvements as well

  6. Blake
    Someone would have to get me to the hospital if I landed a fish like that. Awesome Catch!!!!


  7. Holy Sh#! that is one sweet beast of a fish. Way to help a fellow fisherman out with making sure that beauty didn't get away. That Milwaukee River sounds better and better each post I read. Great pics and Tight Lines.

  8. That is freakin big ass Nice catch

  9. blake, killer fish, ive been on a musky hunt in the milwaukee river for years now. unfortunatly idt im gonna find her where i want to, which is the stretch of the milwaukee between glendale and the city. couple big northern in west bend and in cedarburg, but no musky yet. if youd be ever so kinda in maybe sharing your spot(which is unheard of ik) or just some tips, shoot me an email @