Friday, October 28, 2011

egg sucking bunny leech

The egg sucking bunny leech is one of the best salmon or steelhead streamers around and its quite easy to tie as well. Lots of flexibility in color choices and the rabbit puts of a ton of movement in the water.

head- bead
tail- marabou
body- rabbit strip

There's about six wraps of lead under the rabbit strip to give it the extra weight I wanted. You can vary the hook size and some crystal flash (if you choose).


  1. All this time and I didn't know you tied. Simple to tie sometimes works the best. Good looking fly Blake.

  2. indeed, i tie everything i fish. im gonna start adding a few more flies up here

  3. Nice tie. I am sure it will produce when thrown into a fish's face.

  4. I like tying bunny buggers and leeches more than normal wooly buggers, both are very easy, but i like how the bunny strip is really the only part you need other than the hook!

  5. This is the kind of fly I need to start learning to tie with, looks like a killer.