Wednesday, October 5, 2011

southeast wisconsin tributary update

The water we had last week caused some quick swelling in the tribs but a lot of the smaller rivers have dropped very quickly. Even though the root had a tremendous push of fish in the last week, flows have fallen to under 30CFS leaving most of the fish in the rivers spooked. This weekend tons of people were out snagging fish and keeping them and the fish currently in the river don't stand a chance with their back half out the water. The root, oak, and pike need some more rain before considering them in good condition.

This weekend look to the bigger rivers like the Milwaukee and the Sheboygan to just be coming down to fishable flows. The action could be tremendous there this weekend.

Here's a nice brown Neal took on skein floated on a fly rod at the Root. Too bad that wasn't a driftless trout...

neal with a nice male root river brown
root river brown trout close up


  1. Oh man if that was a Driftless trout I that would be even cooler. Still that is one heck of a Brown. Look at that crazy kype it has going on. Good stuff. Thanks for the tips. Tight Lines.

  2. You can snag fish that come into the rivers? hope you get some rain to hide the big fish.

  3. thanks for the comments and no your not supposed to snag the salmon despite popular local belife. if you should happen to snag one please let it go and not make soup out of it