Wednesday, November 2, 2011

go get em steelhead fly

thread- pink
eyes- barbel eye white
tail- purple marabou with a few strands of crystal flash
body- wraps of pink thread alternated with purple saddle hackle

This is my adaptation of a popular bass pro shops steelhead fly. Not technically a hard fly to make but it is somewhat labor intensive. The eyes are easiest to secure first before you have all the hackle in the way. Figure eight loops around the eyes should secure it as long as you wrap it tight but I like to do several wraps around the underside of the eyes to ensure the eyes don't flip or slide. Then move to the tail securing the marabou and crystal flash. Next you are going to alternate sections of just plain thread and sections of hackle. I also like to pull the hackle towards the back and secure its direction with a few wraps of thread. This will guarantee that the body looks good with all the material pointing the same direction and will make the fly a tad bit more streamlined. Depending on the size of the hook, you will probably need somewhere between three to five separate pieces of hackle.


  1. Red and black are deadly on any fly . Nice lookin tie up.

  2. thanks, the colors are really a dark purple and pink but the exposure doesn't really pick that up so well!

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  4. Looks like a nasty little steelhead catching machine...well done!

  5. Looks like a winner for sure! Nice Fly
    Tight Lines

  6. I'm going to put this on my list just in case I decide to try for Steelhead, again, in the future.


  7. Blake
    I really like the appearance of this fly, so close to the bugger, and we all know what that little bug will do. Great tie.

  8. I like the flash and the blue tail,I would love to see it in the corner of a bull steelhead's mouth.