Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grilled Walleye Recipe To Try


  Walleye Fillets
  Lemon Pepper
  Garlic Salt
  Lemon Juice

Instructions-  Cut fillets in half or thirds depending on size. Squeeze lemon juice over fillets covering the surface of the fillet. Let stand for 10 mins. so the fillet can absorb the juice. Sprinkle on the Garlic salt and Lemon Pepper. On a piece of foil cut up a few chunks of butter and place fillets on top of butter. Add ant veggies you would like to throw in. Green pepper and onions are usually my go to but I was out when I made this. Wrap everything up in the foil and cook on grill 8-10 mins. or until the fillets are thoroughly cooked. Add meat to a base of rice and any other sides of your choice and enjoy.

 This is just a basic but delicious way I like to cook my walleyes,


  1. Nice! I am going to try that with the next striped bass i keep.

  2. Brian
    Reads and looks like a great low fat meal. I will try this same receipt on some of the crappie I fillet. I don't have the pleasure of fishing for the Walleye where I live but I think the crappie or bluegill would work with this receipt. Thanks for sharing

    1. I have done it with crappie fillets and it turns out excellent. Let me know what you think

  3. I love foil packs, the possibility of switching the ingredients are infinite. Makes my mouth water for a Sunday night dinner.

    1. Indeed! You can never go wrong with grilled fish. I love doing salmon on the grill cause you get that nice smoke flavor in it.