Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wisconsin’s Official Trout Opener

richland county trout stream
A double dose of mothers day has left me sidelined for the first time in awhile. Saturday was spent with my family and Sunday was for my wife’s side. Sure, the food and company is always great but the Wisconsin trout opener was running through the back of my mind the whole weekend. Thank God for the plethora of fishing friends I have, always willing to interrupt the monotony of the day to day happenings with a few shots of fish porn.

richland county trout
Damien spent opening day cruising the down river sections on a couple well know Richland County streams. Damien has been know to give the fly rod up for the ultra light spinning rod and head to the slower and deeper down river sections of a river. He’s on the look out for a trophy sized brown and I’m convinced if he keeps at it, he will be a success.

With plenty of pre-season trips already under his belt, Damien’s official opening day strategy paid off big. Not only did he catch quite a few trout down low on the river, but he also came up with his best brown of the season. Damien, thanks for helping me to nurse my non-fishing blues!

wisconsin brown trout

Damien's big richland county brown trout

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Keep me on the radar screen, I should be heading out west for some trout next weekend...


  1. Blake
    What would we do without fishing buddies?? Thanks for sharing

  2. Everyone needs a friend like Damien (if for anything else but to rub it in), but you gotta cut the family some slack during those special days to have it returned.

  3. Nice belly on that last brownie. Someone was eating well over the winter.

  4. John- No doubt... it was a very special weekend with the family

    Stephanie- It was the best brown we have seen this year so far!