Tuesday, May 10, 2011

round lake illinois bass fishing

This summer I have made it a goal to cover as much local tournament fishing as possible. Even though this post is a little dated its still a strong reflection of the quality of fish found in some of our nearby waterways. TriCounty Anglers is a team bass fishing club casting in Lake County, IL and Kenosha and Walworth Counties in Wisconsin. The club just recently held their first tournament of the year on clear waters of Round Lake.
Kyle and Kevin Take 1st place on Round Lake!
The winners of the FIRST 2011 Tournament April 23, 2011 on Round Lake are new Members Kyle and Kevin weighing in 3 nice Bass weighing 9.77 pounds. They also came in with the biggest bass 4.70# Congratulations!
Andy Fossum and Jason Lasko take 2nd on Round Lake with 3 bass, 8.02#        

3rd Place winners, Dan Resko and Ron Taylor should be smiling! 2 nice large mouths weighing 5.93#
Those are some quality large mouth coming out of Round Lake boys! Congrats to the winners. For a good bass fishing club in Northern Illinois, be sure to give them a look.

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  1. I have always wanted to participate in a Bass fishing contest, but never can find any nearby. Its great to see those young gents with those huge bass in 1rst place.

  2. they are a great club and are right in my backyard