Friday, May 20, 2011

don't feel much like driving?

shawn with a lake county illinois carp
Carp are a sure fire way to beat the summer fishing blues close to home. No matter where you live in Illinois an Wisconsin, there is sure to be good carp water close by. With some fish in my area pushing close to 20 pounds, they are sure to be some of the larger fish you will find locally outside of Lake Michigan. They can be as hard or easy to catch as you want them to be, and I'm already scouting some spots that will be good for some mid summer carp on the fly. These "rough" fish are everything that I would want in a sport fish. The tug is my drug and these guys sure pull hard. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the corn and lets roll...

On the subject of carp here's a great blog that I have been researching for my summer's fly fishing for carp trial run.

Click Here To Link To - Carp On The Fly

Carp On The Fly


  1. Oh yah good ole carp. I can't believe how huge they can get. I'm sure they would be a blast on the fly rod. Good Luck!!

  2. You've got to tie Lucas to a tree and get him on one of those!

  3. If you're honestly looking to catch carp, Lac Labelle in Oconomowoc can't be beat for an inland water in SE Wisconsin.

    The water is clear, and the schools of fish are huge. They frequently school near the surface, especially early and late in the morning, and can easily be "targeted" with fly rods.

  4. oooh, thanks for the heads-up Chris!!

  5. When I'm not guiding during the summer, I chase carp whenever I can. They can be "rough" to catch, but they will eat if you put it in front of their face...