Tuesday, July 26, 2011

des plaines river maps

I did some online searches for some Des Plaines River maps for my personal use so figured I would share them with everyone. Click on the map to enlarge and then copy and paste to your computer.

des plaines river from russell rd to 137

des plaines river from 137 to lake cook

des plaines river from lake cook to euclid

des plaines river from euclid to touhy

des plaines river from touhy to north ave


  1. I'm getting the sense that someone may want to get into the guide business. Great reports on Milwaukee.

  2. i think you ment to put that one post down on the milwaukee river bass post but thanks for the thumbs up on the report :)

    guiding probably not. im really not a great fisherman from the aspect of hooking bites and knowing where the fish are always gonna be. what i am is the average fisherman who has a taste for knowing a little about alot!