Saturday, July 23, 2011

a fishing blog worth following

Money Can't Buy Happiness is based out of the Madison area of Wisconsin. This is an awesome blog written by Blake Frautschi who happens to share a first name with me! I have a lot of respect for him after reading his first half dozen posts. He is a versatile fisherman who enjoys chasing that next hot bite despite the species of the fish. He has caught a lot of trophy fish around his home in south central Wisconsin. Monster walleye, pig bass, driftless trout and even some large sturgeon have found their way into his early entries. Besides being able to catch fish it is clear he can build some beautiful fishing rods as well. Check out the rod in the photo I provided, the decorative wraps are stunning. Here is an example of another rod he just finished building.

money can't buy happiness - blake frautschi
I take a strong intrest in all things related to fishing in both Illinois and Wisconsin. With that being said this is a worthwhile blog and have added it to the link list on my side bar. I would love to see some other bloggers stop by and give him a follow. Leave him a comment letting him know where to find you guys!


  1. Blake
    I have checked out his blog and found he is a lot like me in some ways, in that if it swims I am in for it. Thanks for sharing his blog.

  2. thats what i like the most too!