Thursday, August 11, 2011

poke a pike on the des plaines river

I spent 45 minutes last night fishing a feeder creek to the Des Plaines River (northern lake county).

des plaines river feeder creek
 I rolled this fish almost a half dozen times before catching him. Hungry little bastard!

des plaines river (feeder creek pike)


  1. yup, after missing him a few times i went upstream for 20 minutes. came back down and picked him off just before leaving

  2. Blake
    That is one mean looking fish.

  3. Toothy critter for sure Bill

  4. Persistence pays off. I'm often too quick to walk away from a missed fish.

  5. Way to stick with it and work a fish with a lure until he hit. We call that "creating your own hatch". Nice fish.

  6. clif+savage- it was one of my better pike out of this river. i couldnt give up after rolling him the first time. i learned the same lesson as mike iaconelli- never give up