Friday, February 3, 2012

Finding A New Honey Hole

 Life has been busy for me lately to say the least, but I did manage to sneak out a few times in the past couple of weeks. Since the ice has gotten a little thicker the fish have been scattered a bit. The fish haven't quite staged in one of my usual honey holes, so I decided to do some searching on my home lake.

 About two weeks ago I started on a quest to find some more quality fishing spots. I filled the power auger with gas, and just started drilling. After many holes and countless hours of jigging, I came across a few new holes. The first spot is at the start of a drop off in 14 FOW. This spot has a sandy bottom along a weed edge, which is key for those winter fish. The other spot I managed to stumble upon is literally  50 feet from where everyone parks and walks onto the ice, but never thinks to try and fish here. This spot is 12 FOW along a weed edge with a sudden drop down to 18 FOW. This is a nice ledge that the fish are staying on top of. The key part is that there seems to be a pile of logs or old Christmas trees piled up here. I have always found that structure is key no matter what time of year or body of water that you are fishing. All in all my two new holes have produced 5 different species of fish, and steady action. Types of fish that have been caught here are:Bluegill, Perch, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, and so far one Northern Pike. So next time your normal fishing spot isn't producing move around and explore some fresh water, because you never know what you might find. Tight Lines!
The Night Bite Has Been Great For Crappie and Gills

My Little Brother With A Nice Crappie

Location: Candlewick Lake (Poplar Grove,IL)
Water Depth: 12'-16'
Ice Depth: 6"-8"
Species Caught: Bluegill,Crappie,Perch,Lgm Bass, Northern Pike
Colors Fished: Gold,Pink, Glow Green
******Candlewick Lake is Private, you must know a resident to fish here, and I am always looking for  a        fishing partner ******


  1. Blake
    Hold on to those crappie---good eating there. You know there is always some of the best spots right where you launch the boat. In your case it proved to be productive. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that doing a little research can pay off nicely. Don't you just love fishing "research"?

  3. Some great advice. I haven't got out there yet this year :( Night fishing sounds like the ticket. Thanks for sharing and nicely done!! Tight Lines.

  4. Cappie through the ice are always make a great fish fry. I do love fishing research;) Get out while you can! With the abnormal temps this year, it is hard to say how long the ice will hold out. Tight Lines guys!