Wednesday, May 9, 2012

trout on spinning gear

Its a nice change of pace to give the spinning rod a work out while trout fishing. We pounded them in the afternoon in Richland County. Nothing big but was sure nice to have a good numbers day.


  1. Blake
    Nice trout there on the spinning rods. What length rods are you using? I use a 7 1/2 ft. micro light rod from Bass Pro it is like using a fly rod with the action of a 3 wt. Were you guys using a type of spinner to land those trout? Great video!!

    1. its was a 7 foot light action spinning rod.

      spinner was the wisconsin standard- #6 panther martin in the yellow or black body

      thanks Bill

  2. Sweet little vid! Did you shoot this with your Cannon? I still haven't tried fishing the driftless with spinning gear.Why? I have no clue! I bet it is a gas with an ultra light.

  3. filmed on my kodak playsport, not bad right?

  4. They quality was awesome! I totally thought it was filmed on your Cannon. Sweet deal!

  5. The playsport is a nice camera. Blake i am using your converter right now to try my hand at a video. Thanks