Thursday, June 28, 2012

clinton lake summer bass fishing report

clinton lake largemouth bass
My buddy is an avid local tournament angler from the Clinton Lake area. From time to time he likes to drop me a report on the bite and conditions. Here it is...

I caught this fish on Saturday. What I'm finding out, the water temps are in the high 80s down here. There are an abundance of fish down about 8 feet of water. For the last couple of weeks it seems like that's where they are hiding out. The fish don't seem to have moved far just to the deep end of whatever cover they were on before.  Catching multiples in one area is very realistic right now. When you do find a bass, he was there for a reason so soak that area in search of others.

Thanks Santa, your reports are always appreciated.


  1. Nice looking bass, this time of the year bass tend to lose some of their body weight because of the spring spawn. Thanks for sharing a great report

  2. I wish I knew a pro to take me out and show me how to do it right. Thanks for the great tips.

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