Thursday, February 17, 2011

tip up bass - hardwater angler 4


  1. Great hard water day. I've spent thousands of hours on the ice & never caught a bass. Whats your secret?

  2. The more I see of the ice fishing, the more I would like to try it one day. Thanks for sharing

  3. here's a tip about bass fishing ,,,
    for all people such as me who thought wrongly that bass fishing tournaments
    happen exclusively in the US .....
    i read that Competitive bass fishing has also spread to anglers in other countries such as Japan, Australia and South Africa.
    a Japanese angler living in Texas, won the 2004 Bassmaster Classic title
    i knew about that tip through bass fishing tips

  4. John- go the a bass lake to start. Large roach only couple feet under the ice.

    Bill- thanks

    Mor- where the heck did that come from?