Thursday, July 28, 2011

asian carp vs the great lakes

One of the best documentaries I've seen yet on the asian carp and the problems we face in the great lakes region. Well worth the time to watch it. This story came from the Detroit Free Press.


  1. Thank you for sharing this - I'm from Southern IL and we have seen our fisheries become devastated with the influx of the invasive carp. A leisurely Sunday boat ride up the Kaskaskia has now become an exercise in carp avoidance as the flying silvers pelt the boat.
    Thanks again for bringing this issue front and center!

  2. Thanks for stoppin by, scary subject that ive never even posted about. i thought it was just such a great video! i like your blog and added you to the local section of my blog roll. thanks again

  3. I just watched a whole show on this exact subject. Those things bring the word invasive to a whole other level. Hopefully something is done before it's way to late. They should make prison convicts go out there everyday and have them catch and get rid of them. If those things ruin the Great Lakes it could be the end of this world as we know it. Great Post. Tight Lines.

  4. a few people ive been talkin with seem to think the carp wouldnt do well even if they got into the great lakes. lack of food and good spawning conditions. maybe partly due to zebra mussels.

    given the hype from the other invasives brought im glad that the effect so far on lake michigan has been minimal. heck, the gobys have become a major food source for alot of fish.

    only time will tell

  5. Great share - what a video and what a problem. Invasives of all sorts are causing havoc in aquatic ecosystems all over the country...the quandary is how to stop answer yet!


  6. some could have been prevented by not allowing foreign plants animals seeds, ect across the border. others coming in off the ships could maybe not have been predicted?