Thursday, July 14, 2011

des plaines river pike fishing

good looking water on the des plaines river
Somewhere in Lake County we can be found chasing pike after a long days work. Based on its proximity to the office, the Des Plaines is a great choice for mid-summer’s afternoon wade. Pulling out of the office we can be standing on its bank in less than five minutes and be ready to fish in just under ten. Even though I grew up just a few short miles from the Des Plaines River this is just the first season I have ever graced its banks. I have always had the perception that it was a barren and dirty river but the pike reports I’ve been hearing have been too much to resist.

des plaines river wildlife
We have had a few nice bites and landed one fish so far that was over twenty four inches, though he decided to flop back in before we could begin the photo shoot for his internet debut. The DPR pike we have found seem to like the slow deep water adjacent to wood and rocks. We have also had some success fishing the bends, funnel areas, and eddies. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jig and twister combos have seemed to be working for us so far.

The most surprising thing to me so far (besides the sheer amount of pike in the river) is the abundance of good water in this river. I have found plenty of structure, some great pools and the few sections I have waded held plenty of sand and gravel. Not the dirty mucky bottom composition I was expecting. Stay tuned for more on our continued search for a thirty inch pike.

my new fishing buddy Matt with a des plaines river average pike

close up of the des plaines river pike

my jig and twister tail des plaines river pike


  1. Great report and post! Please help me as I start a movement to get the Pike in the DPR renamed and classified as "Des Plaines River Trout"
    It will make all the blogging and posting about them more tasteful and refined!
    Great pictures. Im excited to see all the activity around fishing the DPR lately.

  2. thats a great idea, i cant wait till google starts directing people to the des plaines river for illinois trout!

  3. It looks like a great fishery for one so close to work. Guess I better start exploring my new hood for one just like yours.

  4. cant beat it, 5 mins from the office, maybe not even if you drive fast

  5. Illinois Pike Trout. Right up there with the Illinois Creek Chub Trout. I think we're on to something. I'm going to have to keep playing with this idea.

    I've driven over the DPR up north and have eyeballed it on maps. Completely different looking river than it's southern counterpart.

    We'll dispel that Neanderthal thing yet.

  6. Man that report made me think of the days fishing as a teenager. Some great days of catching fish. Those pike are awesome looking. Thanks for the sweet report and good luck on locating those big ole Pikers. Tight Lines.

  7. its a nice video, i am watching your all video.


  8. Average Pike of the Des Plaines are right in between 22-24"...the one in the picture is obviously a juvenile. I've caught high 20's up north...but have seen pictures of the 40" down south where the river opens.