Monday, October 29, 2012

now i remember...

Fighting the crowds and peoples blatant disregard for regulations are certainly taxing on one's soul if you have even an ounce of a conservation mentality. But, people are people no matter where you go and one's drive to sustain the most basic of primal needs is ever present. Yes, we all need to eat and some can pallet salmon the consistency of mash potatoes better then others. I think I'll pass. You animals can go on being animals "raking the gravel" for last years spoiled left overs.

a nice fast water chute on the milwaukee
When looking at your stringer full of white and smushy, half rotten, stew meat I smile.

I turn to you and say, "what's the hot color today?"

I say it with such a straight face that even you have to think about that question for an uncomfortable few seconds.

All of a sudden it just falls out of you mouth with no real purpose other the deflecting the awkwardness "rhedd".

We nod, I turn and smile, and we head our separate ways.

Despite my rant, I have rekindled my own flames this past weekend. It's been too long since I felt the shaking throb of a large lake run trout on the end of my line. I didn't even fish the spring run this year due to the utter lack of rain and waiting 12 months is far too long to go without. I'll spare you the "fish that I almost caught story" because we have all been there before. What I will say is that I will no longer again try to beach a trout. And, I will never again enter the water without my net.

fewer and fewer fresh kings to be had
For my report, I will say the deeper fast water is holding fish. A single egg with two or three #9 clam shots depending on depth and speed produced many bites. Two fresh kings and one near trout all fell for the imitation when drifted mended to match the current. Cold water fish weren't the only things munching on eggs and, as a first, I caught 2 nice smallies behind some kings on an egg. I'm sure its not so rare but its still a first for me. I also hooked up with a few other fish that I never did get to see.

even the smallies are in the deep water sippin on eggs
I'm very optimistic for the weeks to come and my confidence is skyrocketing. Yes, now I remember what steelheading is all about. With great disappointments come great rewards. Hope all who visit this site and fish the tribs make the choice to take the high road.


  1. Blake, Smallie on an egg... I'll have to remember that when the fishing gets tough next summer:) This weekend I saw a heavy duty 6' saltwater grouper rod with a fly reel attached to it, and a random kid wading aimlessly through the river with only a net. I wish I would have taken my own advice and skipped the early fall run.

    1. yup, its about to get better though, less people and better fish