Wednesday, October 17, 2012

small water and big kings

small water
As I write this, the smaller tribs have already crested and dropped back down to low flow status. But, they provided a short window of some good fishing for some surprisingly fresh and spry king salmon this past weekend. There is an absence of coho in the smaller rivers thus far but this could be due to the fact the first wave of kings have just arrived here. 

female half spawned out
This coming weekend I plan on hitting one of the larger flows to see if the cohos have arrived. The bigger rivers have held salmon longer and in better numbers, there could be the potential for some fish other then just chinooks to be making an appearance. With the weather channel calling for another half inch of precipitation today and a chance of rain later this week, it's safe to say the flows will be padded enough to carry us through the next few weeks. It may have been a slow start but it’s always worth the wait.

Every year its taken me less and less time to become tired of the king salmon and I'm quickly looking forward to the browns and steelies of the later fall. Maybe I'll drag the boy along to see how he reacts to such a fish. That is sure to make for an interesting day!